Mammography with Molecular Imaging.  Project funded by the European Commission (6th Framework Program), with the aim of designing a prototype based on PET technology developed by the company and adapted to a dedicated PET breast device. The project was led by ONCOVISION and had the participation of relevant collaborators such as the National Kancer Institute … Read more


Breast biopsy system guided by Positron Emission Mammography allowing realtime 3D visualization of tumour lesion and needle insertion guidance for higher sampling accuracy and efficiency. Project funded by the European Commission (7th Framework Program), with the aim of developing a device with the capacity for robotic biopsy and real-time reconstruction. A mobile PET system was … Read more


This project will try to generalize the methodology to discriminate between healthy and malignant tissues in real-time during surgical procedures. Using the hyperspectral signatures of the healthy tissues and the same tissues affected by cancer, a mathematical model of how cancer affects to the hyperspectral signature will be derived.


It is a PET detector prototype based on a PET configuration and general design similar to mammography equipment. The project seeks to bring PET technologies closer to the current procedures carried out by radiologists, being the images fused with those obtained by mammographs. After a short series of clinical tests, it was concluded that the … Read more


A new brain-dedicated Positron Emission Tomography (PET) system to identify β-amyloid biomarker for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of cognitive decline. The aim of this Project is comercialize an innovative brain dedicated PET to facilitate the early detection of Alzheimer’s through β-amyloid plaque. Oncovision is the leader of this Project which … Read more


Multimodal Imaging of Neurological Disorders. Project developed through the Horizon 2020 R&D program of the European Union (FP7-HEALTH). This project consists of an innovative PET / MRI system dedicated to brain examination in order to achieve a more precise and quantitative diagnosis of mental disorders. ONCOVISION’s PET technology played a leading role in this consortium … Read more


This project aims to specify, develop, and test a brain-dedicated prototyped PET system, for the localization and quantification of molecular events in the living brain. The instrument would significantly exceed performance of the company’s existing CareMiBrain product. Nowadays, the development is in an early stage and how the improved performance of the new scan will … Read more


Heimdall is a project that seeks to develop a prototype to validate the potential of a portable gamma camera with a mobile multi-pinhole collimator. The gamma camera will use the latest technology in crystals (GaGG) and sensors (silicon photomultipliers), already successfully used in other Oncovision products (Sentinella, WProbe, CareMiBrain). The detector will have a useful … Read more


The aim of this project is to design a full body PET with axial coverage greater than 70cm with greater sensitivity and spatial and temporal resolution than conventional equipment. This project will improve the accurate diagnosis, the evaluation of the response to treatments and the follow-up of diseases with lower radiation doses. This project carried … Read more