Wprobe, wireless gamma probe for Sentinel Lymph Node localization.

Wprobe is designed with the most technical features on the market to reach the biggest challenges of the Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy as a surgical technique.

Accurate gamma probe, with greater sensitivity and versatile.

The Wprobe kit with tablet, has a custom-designed software with new functionalities and facilitates counting activity up to three isotopes simultaneously, opening new possibilities for accurate sentinel lymph node localization in open and laparoscopic surgeries.

Available isotopes: Tc99, I125, In111, Lu177, I131, I123, F18 Ga68, Co57 y Full Range.


To locate the most complex nodes. The gamma probe Wprobe has an extraordinary spatial resolution to locate and discriminate with accuracy the radiolabeled tissue, even in complex cases. Its titanium tip is thin and precise (11 mm in diameter), essential in minimally invasive surgeries.

Wprobe has more than double maximum sensitivity to find easily nodes with low dose of radiotracer.


Wprobe optimizes the surgical procedure, its biocompatible material is able to be sterilize at low temperature and has an ergonomic design with only 157 gr weight. Available in two sizes: standard (25 cm) and laparoscopic (51 cm). Wprobe’s battery has 15 hours life and is easily replaceable by the user.

The gamma probe Wprobe has a medical grade tablet with 10.1” screen to guarantee an optimum visibility from any place of the operating room.

The custom-designed software is easy to use and has new functionalities to make the most of the probe as multiple isotope detection, labelled nodes, maximum cps, full range mode, among others.

Wireless with Bluetooth connection and compact suitcase to facilitate its transport.