Innovative Medical Imaging.

Oncovision has grown into a dynamic brand in a technologically competitive, high-growth industry. Oncovision has it head-quarters offices in Valencia, Spain and sells its products in over 30 markets through a combination of direct sales and distributors.

Oncovision has extensive experience in the development and commercialization of medical imaging equipment based on nuclear medicine techniques. Through a strong internal pipeline, our product line includes market-leading Sentinella, a unique intra-operative Gamma Camera fused with optical visión and the revolutionary Mammi PET, a breast cancer diagnostic device capable of visualising small lesions lesions and quantifying tumor activity, essential for treatment follow up.
Oncovision also includes Wprobe, an extraordinary gamma probe, the gold standard in radioguided surgery, and completes its portfolio with CareMiBrain, a dedicated brain PET that will change the way to diagnose Alzheimer’s desease worldwide.

Oncovision has distinguished itself through the ability to successfully develop and bring to the market innovative products to generate significant benefits on patients, and is committed to continue that trend. Also, the company plans to bring forth technical and clinical solutions for an accurate diagnosis and treatment of cancer, providing the highest-quality, best-performing products.