Innovative Medical Imaging

Oncovision is a leading provider of innovative medical imaging devices used by surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and nuclear physicians for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Our mission, vision and values are the beliefs we all share, that drive our company personality, culture, and priorities


Become an international benchmark company in the innovative medical imaging market in order to improve the patient quality of life and healthcare professionals experience.


We change the practice of medicine with solutions for the early diagnosis of cancer based on molecular imaging techniques, creating a new standard diagnostic test and treatment of cancer with clinical and economic advantages.


Our values drive our company personality, culture and priorities. Innovation, commitment, excellence and continuous improvement guide the professional behaviour of Oncovision.

Esta empresa está capitalizada por Innvierte, iniciativa de inversión de CDTI, E.P.E.

This company is capitalized by Innvierte, an investment program of CDTI, E.P.E.

Empresa subvencionada por la Generalitat Valenciana a través de los Fondos Plan Resistir Plus.

Company supported by Generalitat Valenciana through Fondos Plan Resistir Plus.